Monday, October 1, 2012

New Permaculture Certificate Course - San Diego

Project Based Permaculture
Nov. 1-12, 2012 - 8 to 5 Daily
San Diego based

If you learn best by hands-on, project based learning, this course is for you. We begin by visiting several different habitats, exploring nature and asking how her resilience and beauty can inform how we live in harmony with all life on the only planet we have. We will explore native habitats, natural building techniques, alternative energy, water systems, economies and combine this new knowledge into a final design project. We can not fix the old world, we have to create a new one. Join us and become a part of the shift toward a new, regenerative community and planet.

Course fee $1,000. Scholarships, work trade and discounts available.
More info at link:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

U Mass Permaculture win White House Challenge

Congratulations to the students at UMass who won the Campus Champions of Change Challenge launched by the White House and President Obama to shine a light on the innovative work being done on college campuses. A big step for Permaculture and helping folks wake up to regenerative living.

Links to article here:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Permaculture Gathering

CONVERGE! San Diego Permaculture Meetup
Learn, Trade, Organize

August 6, 2011
Sky Mountain Ranch
limit to 40 people, please RSVP at link below.

Details here:

Friday, April 22, 2011

Interview with Joan Stevens and Jay Ma 4-20-11

Fruit Tree Sale

CA Rare Fruit Growers Plant Sale 
Saturday 4-23-11
101 Prado in Balboa Park

Monday, April 5, 2010


April 10th
9 - 4 pm
6th and Quince
in Balboa Park

Join us in repairing the Poetry Bench, a  20 foot long natural building project made of strawbale, cob and superadobe.
We will be repairing the clay plaster so park visitors can continue to enjoy this beautiful earthen bench under a stunning grove of magnolia trees. Bring a poem to drop in the poem drop box.

Our work day will consist of mixing clay/sand with your feet and sculpting cob with your hands. Its easy, fun and a brilliant way to build sustainable benches, ovens, homes.

Please bring a sack lunch, gloves, hat and water.
Donation  - $5-10 is appreciated for materials.

For a slide show of how the bench was built

also -  website on local cob ovens

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fallen Fruit at MCASD (downtown SD) Thu Feb 5 6-10pm + DIY WWOOF SD County

[1] This event showed up at the sdtjdph calendar ( ) via but I haven't seen it mentioned yet on any of the
lists. So here it is:

Links to event details: or:

The MCASD TNT info:

The following is pasted from the fallen fruit artist statement on their downloads
page. Also check out their maps .

The Principles of Fallen Fruit:
1. Fruit on public property belongs to all of us.
2. Mapping it is a way to share with everyone, learning neighborhoods
by foot, rather than by car.
3. Ask property owners to plant fruit trees for everyone.
4. Functional landscaping: ask cities to plant fruit trees in parks,
parking lots, and on streets.
5. Open dialogue within neighborhoods about public spaces.
6. Think about who has fruit and other resources, and who does not.

FALLENFRUIT is a collaboration of Dave Burns, Matias Viegener and
Austin Young


Fallen Fruit is a collaborative art project which began as a whimsical
mapping of our neighborhood public fruit: all the fruit trees we could
find that grew on or over public property.
When your neighbor's fruit tree hangs into your yard, that fruit is
considered yours. But whose fruit is that on public property? We
believe that fruit planted on private property which overhangs public
space should be public property and created this project to encourage
people both to harvest and plant public fruit. The project is a
response to accelerating urbanization and the loss of people's
capacity to produce their own foods, as well as issues
around grassroots community activism, social welfare and social responsibility.

From the original printed edition, we expanded into a website which
posts local maps from the handmade to the high-tech, submitted by our
neighbors. We have pictures of fruit and
harvesting, including fruit pin-ups. Our ambition is to map the city,
the whole state, and then the world. We have also begun to propose
public fruit projects. These include further mapping, a campaign to
encourage property owners to plant fruit, petitions to the city to
plant streets and parking lots, and a proposal for a public fruit
park. We think of Fallen Fruit as much as community activism as an art
project. Our neighborhood is full of homeless people and uneaten
fruit: why can't the two be connected? We're not interested in random
theft. Our intention is to promote sharing and community-based

We live in a world controlled by multinational corporations, in which
we don't know our neighbors, with a media that manufactures social
realities and ignores poverty and
oppression. Our food arrives processed and pre-wrapped, and few of us
know where it comes from. Our cities are full of wasted spaces and
neglected resources. Fallen Fruit proposes that we be able to make
more food with little effort and find ways to map it and networks for
sharing it. The injunction to share food is as old as the Bible, which
tells us that we should not harvest all our food for ourselves; the
fallen fruit should always be left for those who have nothing.

[2] DIY (do it yourself) WWOOF (willing workers on organic farms [and
other good places]) SD County:

While I'm emailing everyone,
I'm looking for local wwoof opportunities.
If I can camp or sleep on the floor at or near where I can work
(unpaid) ~4/hrs day, please let me know. I'm happy to do kitchen,
garden, computer and many other kinds of work.

My main goals are:
* to work with others and
* to visit and learn from different people and places in the county.

For more information, please visit:

Peace & a smile,